Role of selectins in development of adult respiratory distress syndrome.

  title={Role of selectins in development of adult respiratory distress syndrome.},
  author={Seamas Donnelly and Christopher Haslett and Ian Dransfield and Colin E. Robertson and D. Camille Carter and Julie A. Ross and Ian S. Grant and Thomas F. Tedder},
  volume={344 8917},
The acute lung injury of adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is characterised by inflammatory cell accumulation and activation in the lung. Selectins are a family of adhesion molecules implicated in leucocyte-endothelial adhesion, whose receptors can exist in a cleaved, soluble form. We investigated whether circulating soluble selectin adhesion molecules, obtained from ARDS at-risk patients, were associated with subsequent ARDS development. 82 patients, at risk of ARDS, were enrolled… CONTINUE READING


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