Role of secretory phospholipases in atherogenesis.

  title={Role of secretory phospholipases in atherogenesis.},
  author={Ann-Cathrine J{\"o}nsson-Rylander and Sofia Lundin and Birgitta Rosengren and Camilla Pettersson and Eva Hurt-Camejo},
  journal={Current atherosclerosis reports},
  volume={10 3},
Elevated circulating levels of secretory phospholipase A(2) (sPLA(2)) are associated with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. sPLA(2) can contribute to atherogenesis by hydrolyzing phospholipids of circulating lipoproteins and lipoproteins entrapped in the arterial wall and/or in cells that reside in the intima and that participate in the inflammatory response to lipoprotein deposition. This article reviews differences and similarities between sPLA(2)-IIA, sPLA(2)-V, and sPLA(2)-X, all of… CONTINUE READING

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