Role of regulatory T cells in coronavirus-induced acute encephalitis.

  title={Role of regulatory T cells in coronavirus-induced acute encephalitis.},
  author={Daniela I. Anghelina and Jingxian Zhao and Kathryn Rydze Trandem and Stanley Perlman},
  volume={385 2},
C57BL/6 mice infected with mouse hepatitis virus, strain JHM (JHMV) develop a rapidly fatal acute encephalitis. Previously, we showed that this disease is partially CD4 T cell-mediated since infection with a recombinant JHMV (rJ) mutated in only a single immunodominant CD4 T cell epitope (epitope M133, rJ.M(Y135Q)) results in a nonlethal disease. Increased mortality correlated with a greater number of JHMV-specific CD4 T cells in the brains of rJ compared to rJ.M(Y135Q)-infected mice. Here, we… CONTINUE READING
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