Role of phosphatidic acid in plant galactolipid synthesis.

  title={Role of phosphatidic acid in plant galactolipid synthesis.},
  author={Emmanuelle Dubots and Cyrille Y. Bott{\'e} and Laurence Boudi{\`e}re and Yoshiki Yamaryo-Bott{\'e} and Juliette Jouhet and Eric Mar{\'e}chal and Maryse A Block},
  volume={94 1},
Phosphatidic acid (PA) is a precursor metabolite for phosphoglycerolipids and also for galactoglycerolipids, which are essential lipids for formation of plant membranes. PA has in addition a main regulatory role in a number of developmental processes notably in the response of the plant to environmental stresses. We review here the different pools of PA dispatched at different locations in the plant cell and how these pools are modified in different growth conditions, particularly during… CONTINUE READING


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