Role of phason defects on the conductance of a one-dimensional quasicrystal.

  title={Role of phason defects on the conductance of a one-dimensional quasicrystal.},
  author={Moulopoulos and Roche},
  journal={Physical review. B, Condensed matter},
  volume={53 1},
  • Moulopoulos, Roche
  • Published 1 June 1995
  • Physics
  • Physical review. B, Condensed matter
We have studied the influence of a particular kind of phason-defect on the Landauer resistance of a Fibonacci chain. Depending on parameters, we sometimes find the resistance to decrease upon introduction of defect or temperature, a behavior that also appears in real quasicrystalline materials. We demonstrate essential differences between a standard tight-binding model and a full continuous model. In the continuous case, we study the conductance in relation to the underlying chaotic map and its… 
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