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Role of non-gaussian quantum fluctuations in neutrino entanglement

  title={Role of non-gaussian quantum fluctuations in neutrino entanglement},
  author={Denis Lacroix and A. Baha Balantekin and Michael J. Cervia and Amol V. Patwardhan and Pooja Siwach},
The flavor evolution of neutrinos in environments with large neutrino number densities is an open problem at the nexus of astrophysics and neutrino flavor physics. Among the many unanswered questions pertaining to this problem, it remains to be determined whether neutrino-neutrino coherent scattering can give rise to nontrivial quantum entanglement among neutrinos, and whether this can affect the flavor evolution in a meaningful way. To gain further insight into this question, here we study a… 
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