Role of neutrophils in IL-17-dependent immunity to mucosal candidiasis.

  title={Role of neutrophils in IL-17-dependent immunity to mucosal candidiasis.},
  author={Anna R. Huppler and Heather R Conti and Nydiaris Hern{\'a}ndez-Santos and Toni Darville and Partha Sarathi Biswas and Sarah L Gaffen},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={192 4},
Oropharyngeal candidiasis (OPC), caused by the commensal fungus Candida albicans, is an opportunistic infection associated with infancy, AIDS, and IL-17-related primary immunodeficiencies. The Th17-associated cytokines IL-23 and IL-17 are crucial for immunity to OPC, but the mechanisms by which they mediate immunity are poorly defined. IL-17RA-deficient humans and mice are strongly susceptible to OPC, with reduced levels of CXC chemokines and concomitantly impaired neutrophil recruitment to the… CONTINUE READING


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