Role of myosin light chain kinase in muscle contraction.

  title={Role of myosin light chain kinase in muscle contraction.},
  author={Samuel V. Perry and Henry A. Cole and Olga Hudlick{\'a} and Valerie B Patchell and S A Westwood},
  journal={Federation proceedings},
  volume={43 15},
In resting striated muscles of the rabbit muscle in vivo, the phosphorylatable light chain is partially phosphorylated. Tetanic stimulation increased the level of phosphorylation more rapidly in fast twitch than in slow twitch muscle. In both types of muscle the rate of dephosphorylation was relatively slow. In rabbit fast twitch muscles, phosphorylation levels persisted significantly above the resting value for some time after posttetanic potentiation had disappeared. The role of myosin light… CONTINUE READING


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