Role of meprin A in renal tubular epithelial cell injury.

  title={Role of meprin A in renal tubular epithelial cell injury.},
  author={Christian Herzog and Rohit Seth and Sudhir V. Shah and Gur P Kaushal},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={71 10},
Meprins are zinc-dependent metalloproteinases that are highly expressed in the brush-border membranes of both the kidney and the intestines. Meprins are capable of proteolytically degrading extracellular matrix proteins, proteolytically processing bioactive proteins, and play a role in inflammatory processes. In this study, the function of meprin A in the acute kidney injury (AKI) model of cisplatin nephrotoxicity was examined. Normal linear localization of meprin A in the brush border… CONTINUE READING
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