Role of mRNA termination in regulation of ermK.

  title={Role of mRNA termination in regulation of ermK.},
  author={Smi Choi and Sung Keun Kim and Taehoon Oh and Eung Chil Choi},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={179 6},
To study the role of mRNA termination in the regulation of ermK, we introduced mismatches into terminators by in vitro mutagenesis. In wild-type ermK, only truncated transcription products were detected in the absence of induction. In contrast, only the full-length transcript was synthesized in the terminator 1 and terminator 2 double mutants, even in the absence of erythromycin. These results indicate that the expression of ermK is primarily regulated by transcriptional attenuation rather than… CONTINUE READING
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