Role of isoprenoid metabolism in IgE receptor-mediated signal transduction.

  title={Role of isoprenoid metabolism in IgE receptor-mediated signal transduction.},
  author={G. G. Deanin and J L Cutts and Janet R. Pfeiffer and Janet M. Oliver},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={146 10},
In the 2H3 subline of rat basophilic leukemia cells (RBL-2H3), IgE receptor cross-linking stimulates a signal transduction pathway that leads to the secretion of histamine, serotonin, and other inflammatory mediators; the assembly of F-actin; and the transformation of the cell surface from a microvillous to a lamellar or ruffled architecture. We report here that 20 h incubation of RBL-2H3 cells with 10 microM lovastatin, an inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl coenzyme A reductase (HMG CoA… CONTINUE READING


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