Role of iron in Trypanosoma cruzi infection of mice.

  title={Role of iron in Trypanosoma cruzi infection of mice.},
  author={Richard Lalonde and Blair Holbein},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={73 2},
The role of iron in experimental infection of mice with Trypanosoma cruzi was investigated. B6 mice had a transient parasitemia and a transient anemia, both of maximal intensity 28 d after the inoculation of T. cruzi. There was a biphasic hypoferremic host response to infection with T. cruzi with the peak hypoferremia also occurring 28 d after inoculation of the parasite. The mortality rate from infection was increased from 23% in phosphate-buffered saline-treated B6 mice to 50% in a group of… CONTINUE READING


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