Role of immune response in Yersinia pestis infection.

  title={Role of immune response in Yersinia pestis infection.},
  author={Amedeo Amedei and Elena Niccolai and Luigi Marino and Mario Milco D'Elios},
  journal={Journal of infection in developing countries},
  volume={5 9},
Yersinia pestis (Y. Pestis) is an infamous pathogen causing plague pandemics throughout history and is a selected agent of bioterrorism threatening public health. Y. pestis was first isolated by Alexandre Yersin in 1894 in Hong Kong and in the following years from all continents. Plague is enzootic in different rodents and their fleas in Africa, North and South America, and Asia, including the Middle/Far East and ex-USSR countries. Comprehending the multifaceted interaction between Y. pestis… CONTINUE READING
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