Role of immune complexes in rheumatoid polyarteritis.

  title={Role of immune complexes in rheumatoid polyarteritis.},
  author={Joanne B Farrell and Donald A. Person and Roger D. Rossen and Martin D Lidsky},
  journal={Annals of the rheumatic diseases},
  volume={38 4},
Serial clinical and serological observations were made on a patient with necrotising polyarteritis associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Significant levels of circulating immune complexes, as determined by a C1q binding assay, were observed up to 2 years before the clinical manifestations of polyarteritis but rose abrumptly immediately before and concurrently with the onset of polyarteritis. Concomitant serial determinations of C3, latex fixation titres for anti-immunoglobulin, and patterns of… CONTINUE READING