Role of histopathology in the diagnosis of tuberculous synovitis.

  title={Role of histopathology in the diagnosis of tuberculous synovitis.},
  author={M S Sant and Hari Chand Bajaj},
  journal={Journal of the Indian Medical Association},
  volume={90 10},
A study was conducted on 70 cases of tuberculous synovitis. Maximum number of cases were in the age group of 11-30 years (58.58%) with a male preponderance. Knee joint was found to be most commonly (57.12%) affected. Diagnosis of tuberculous synovitis was possible clinically in 75.72% and radiologically in 67.14% of cases only. Histopathological studies made on biopsy materials obtained from synovial membranes of the affected joints showed the presence of fibrosis, lymphocytic infiltration and… CONTINUE READING