Role of grain boundaries in the dielectric behavior of graphite

  title={Role of grain boundaries in the dielectric behavior of graphite},
  author={Xiang Xi and D. D. L. Chung},

Effect of temperature on the electrical conduction and dielectric behavior of solder

  • Wenyi YangD. Chung
  • Materials Science, Physics
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
  • 2021
Solder is widely used as an electrical conductor in electronics. This paper reports the effect of heating up to 70 °C on the conduction and dielectric behavior of solder (Sn–4Ag lead-free eutectic

Electric polarization and depolarization of solder, and their effects on electrical conduction

This work provides the first report of the effect of the dielectric behavior on the conduction behavior of solder. The lead-free solder studied contains 96 wt% tin and 4 wt% silver. The electric

Comparison of How Graphite and Shungite Affect Thermal, Mechanical, and Dielectric Properties of Dielectric Elastomer-Based Composites

The aim of this work involved comparing the effect graphite and shungite have on the properties of dielectric elastomer-based materials. For this reason, dielectric elastomer–Sylgard (S) was filled

Effect of the cooling rate in solidification on the electrical behavior of solder

  • Wenyi YangD. Chung
  • Materials Science
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
  • 2021
Solder is widely used for electrical interconnections in electronics, and its use involves the melting and subsequent solidification of the solder. This paper reports for the first time the effect of

Pyropermittivity as an emerging method of thermal analysis, with application to carbon fibers

  • Xiang XiD. Chung
  • Physics, Materials Science
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
  • 2022
Pyropermittivity refers to the effect of temperature on the electric permittivity of a material. It is an emerging thermoanalytical method that is relevant to materials characterization,

Towards synchronously improving dielectric performances and thermal conductivity in Ni/PVDF by tailoring core-shell structured Ni@NiO particles

An insulating interlayer between conductive particles and polymer is crucial for preparing polymer dielectrics with high dielectric permittivity ( ε) but low loss and high breakdown strength ( E b).



Dielectric Grain-Size Effect in High-Permittivity Ceramics

On the basis of existing experiments, the grain-size effect on the permittivity and dielectric function in the case of ferroelectric and relaxor ferroelectric dense single-phase ceramics is reviewed

The crystallite size of pyrolytic graphite

x-ray line broadening techniques have been used to determine both a- and c-direction crystallite sizes for a range of pyrolytic graphite samples whose effective formation temperature lay between 2330

Influence of basal plane domains in the tribological behavior of graphites

Many dynamic engineering systems have interferences and interactions that causes wear under friction effect. Carbonaceous materials, such as polycrystalline graphites, are of great interest in

Measuring the absolute Raman cross section of nanographites as a function of laser energy and crystallite size

In this paper, the dependence of the differential Raman cross section of the D, G, D, and G bands of nanographites on the excitation laser energy and also on the crystallite size is reported. We show