Role of gamma delta T cells in inflammatory bowel disease.

  title={Role of gamma delta T cells in inflammatory bowel disease.},
  author={Anja Andrea K{\"u}hl and Christoph Loddenkemper and J{\"u}rgen Westermann and J{\"o}rg Hoffmann},
  journal={Pathobiology : journal of immunopathology, molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={70 3},
gammadelta T cells have previously been shown to play a protective role in various animal models of chronic inflammation (e.g., experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, collagen-induced arthritis, and non-obese diabetes). This immunoregulatory potential is exerted by synthesizing various anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors (e.g., transforming growth factor-beta). As the normal balance between inflammatory and regulatory cytokines is perturbed in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) a… CONTINUE READING


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