Role of free radicals in sepsis: antioxidant therapy.

  title={Role of free radicals in sepsis: antioxidant therapy.},
  author={Victor M Victor and Milagros Rocha and Juan V Esplugues and M{\'o}nica de la Fuente},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={11 24},
Severe sepsis leading to shock is the principal cause of death in intensive care units. It is a systemic inflammatory response caused by excessive secretion of pro-inflammatory mediators, such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFalpha) and reactive oxygen species (ROS), mainly induced by endotoxin (a major component of the Gram-negative bacterial outer membrane). Immune cells use ROS in order to support their functions and need adequate levels of antioxidant defenses to avoid harmful effects of… CONTINUE READING
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