Role of extracellular matrix molecules in shell formation and structure

  title={Role of extracellular matrix molecules in shell formation and structure},
  author={Jos{\'e} Luis Arias and M. Soledad Fern{\'a}ndez},
  journal={World's Poultry Science Journal},
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Avian eggshells are natural composite bioceramics containing organic and inorganic phases. The occurrence and role of particular collagens and proteoglycans in the eggshell and their pattern of secretion by the oviduct is discussed. While type X collagen, the main constituent of the shell membranes, functions to inhibit their mineralisation, mammillan, a mammillary keratan sulphate proteoglycan, is involved in nucleation of the first calcite crystals of the shell and ovoglycan, a unique… 
Distinct Effects of Avian Egg Derived Anionic Proteoglycans on the Early Stages of Calcium Carbonate Mineralization
The effects of egg membrane- and shell-associated proteoglycans, namely, keratan sulfate and dermatan sulfate, respectively, on the nascent stages of CaCO3 mineralization are addressed.
Determination of insoluble avian eggshell matrix proteins
This work studied EDTA-insoluble proteins by gradual decalcification of eggshell with EDTA and identified for the first time collagens I and III in the eggshell matrix, and Kunitz-like protease inhibitor as a major shell matrix protein.
Proteomic analysis of the acid‐soluble organic matrix of the chicken calcified eggshell layer
The present study is the first comprehensive proteomic study of a vertebrate biomineral and is intended as a starting point for the detailed molecular characterization of eggshell matrix proteins, their interactions in the matrix network and functional studies.
Phosphoproteins of the chicken eggshell calcified layer
The chicken eggshell matrix is a complex mixture of proteins and proteoglycans that contains phosphoproteins that are thought to affect mineralization of the matrix, and phosphorylated proteins of these proteins contained more than 150 different phosphorylation sites, 103 of which were determined with high confidence.
Sulfated polymers in biological mineralization: a plausible source for bio-inspired engineering
Biomineralization leads to the formation of inorganic crystals with unique, ordered, refined shapes that are regulated by specific macromolecules. This process has been a source of inspiration for
Evolution of the Avian Eggshell Biomineralization Protein Toolkit – New Insights From Multi-Omics
Current knowledge on organic matrix components from calcified eggshell is reviewed to analyze the evolution of selected matrix proteins and underline their role in the biological toolkit required for eggshell calcification in avian species.


The avian eggshell extracellular matrix as a model for biomineralization.
The results suggest that the dermatan sulfate proteoglycans may be important in modulating crystal morphology in the hen eggshell and correlate with mineralization-modulating biomolecules from other calcified tissue, which are generally anionic.
Ovalbumin is a component of the chicken eggshell matrix.
  • M. Hincke
  • Biology
    Connective tissue research
  • 1995
Results indicate that ovalbumin is present during the initial phase of shell formation and becomes incorporated into the protein matrix of the mammillary bodies of the decalcified eggshell.
Effect of beta-aminoproprionitrile on eggshell formation.
It is concluded that the formation of beta-aminoproprionitrile-sensitive cross-links among the type X collagen molecules of the shell membranes play an essential role in normal eggshell formation.
The Avian Eggshell as a Model of Biomineralization
The avian eggshell is one of the most rapidly mineralizing biological systems known. By understandi'ng the key components and steps in this process, we hope to provide relevant information for
New insight in eggshell formation.
It is suggested that osteopontin (OPN) is part of an array of macromolecules synthesized and secreted by the cells adjacent to the mineralization front that self-assemble outside the cell and direct crystal formation.
Crystallization studies on avian eggshell membranes: implications for the molecular factors controlling eggshell formation.
Organic matrix composition and ultrastructure of eggshell: a comparative study.
The structure and eggshell matrix composition of various domesticated bird species were compared to gain insight into the universality of the eggshell mineralisation process and to relate differences in matrix composition between taxonomic groups with differences in ultrastructure.