Role of erythropoietin in cortisol-induced hypertension

  title={Role of erythropoietin in cortisol-induced hypertension},
  author={J. Kelly and Angela Martin and J Whitworth},
  journal={Journal of Human Hypertension},
The mechanism of cortisol-induced hypertension remains unknown. We investigated a possible role of erythropoietin (EPO) as a mediator of hypertension in healthy male subjects treated with cortisol. In Study 1, blood pressure (BP) and serum EPO concentrations were measured on alternate days in nine subjects treated with 80 mg of cortisol per day for 5 days. In Study 2 the same parameters were measured in eight subjects randomised to cortisol (80 mg/day) or placebo and 10 subjects randomised to… CONTINUE READING