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Role of enzymes in fruit juice processing and its quality enhancementShiv Kumar

  title={Role of enzymes in fruit juice processing and its quality enhancementShiv Kumar},
  author={Shiv Kumar},
  journal={Advances in Applied Science Research},
  • Shiv Kumar
  • Published 2015
  • Chemistry
  • Advances in Applied Science Research
The demand of fruit juices is increasing day by day as a result of increasing health awareness among the people. Most of juice extraction processes are not producing satisfactory quantity and quality of juices. Enzymatic extraction of juices results in higher yield. The enzymes used are mainly pectinase, cellulase, hemicellase etc. Apart from promoting juice extraction, enzyme addition increases the release of various phenolics and other nutritionally important components in the juice. Juice… 
Pectinase: A Useful Tool in Fruit Processing Industries
Over the past decade, fruit and vegetable juice market has rapidly grown and is expected to grow more in near future due to the changing life style, more travelling, easy adaptation to the western
Study on Clarification of Apple Juice using Enzymes
One of the key challenges in apple juice processing is obtaining a good juice recovery and attaining a juice with good clarity. The presence of pectin and starch components inhibits the juice
Enzymatic treatment, unfermented and fermented fruit-based products: current state of knowledge
The potential of some non-Saccharomyces yeasts with enzymatic activities and how their utilization helps to tailor wines with unique aroma profile are evaluated and the potential of fermented probiotic fruit juice as an alternative to dairy-based probiotic products is discussed.
Microbial Enzymes in Food and Beverages Processing
Effect of gum arabic (Acacia senegal) addition on physicochemical properties and sensory acceptability of roselle juice
Roselle has a brilliant red colour, high in vitamins and has a unique flavour that makes it suitable for juice production. Meanwhile, Gum Arabic (GA) is the edible dried exudate attained from stem
Cellulases: From Bioactivity to a Variety of Industrial Applications
The use of immobilized cellulases has further expanded their application in fruit and vegetable processing as it potentiates the catalytic power and reduces the cost of process.


Application of Enzymes in Fruit Juice Technology
Enzymes are currently used in fruit (and vegetable) juice production (a) for mash treatment (i) to obtain a partial or total liquefaction of the fruit flesh for the production of fruit
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PREFACE Chapter 1 OVERVIEW OF THE FRUIT PROCESSING INDUSTRY. Introduction Classification of fruits World production and commercial applications of selected fruits History of fruit products
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This paper presents a proposal for Correct Nomenclature of the Domesticated Species of the Genus Saccharomyces and investigates the role of enzymatic processing in the processing of Musts and Wines.
Enzymes in the Fruit Juice Industry
Amongst all biotechnological applications the percentage relative to the food sector and agricultural chemistry will, in the very near future, be more than 25%.
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
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