Role of electron-electron interactions in the charge dynamics of rare-earth-doped CaF e 2 A s 2

  title={Role of electron-electron interactions in the charge dynamics of rare-earth-doped CaF e 2 A s 2},
  author={Zhen Xing and Tyler J. Huffman and Peng Xu and A. J. Hollingshad and D. J. Brooker and Nicholas Penthorn and M. Mumtaz Qazilbash and S. R. Saha and Tyler B Drye and Connor Roncaioli and Johnpierre Paglione},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We have investigated the charge dynamics and the nature of many-body interactions in La- and Pr- doped CaFe2As2. From the infrared part of the optical conductivity, we discover that the scattering rate of mobile carriers above 200 K exhibits saturation at the Mott-Ioffe-Regel limit of metallic transport. However, the dc resistivity continues to increase with temperature above 200 K due to the loss of Drude spectral weight. The loss of Drude spectral weight with increasing temperature is seen in… 
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