Role of deficient type III interferon-λ production in asthma exacerbations

  title={Role of deficient type III interferon-λ production in asthma exacerbations},
  author={Marco Contoli and Simon D. Message and Vasile Laza-Stanca and Michael J. Edwards and Peter A. B. Wark and Nathan W. Bartlett and Tatiana Kebadze and Patrick Mallia and Luminita A. Stanciu and Hayley L. Parker and Louise H Slater and Anita Lewis-Antes and Onn Min Kon and Stephen T. Holgate and Donna E Davies and Sergei V. Kotenko and Alberto Papi and Sebastian L Johnston},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
Rhinoviruses are the major cause of asthma exacerbations, and asthmatics have increased susceptibility to rhinovirus and risk of invasive bacterial infections. Here we show deficient induction of interferon-λs by rhinovirus in asthmatic primary bronchial epithelial cells and alveolar macrophages, which was highly correlated with severity of rhinovirus… CONTINUE READING