Role of cathepsins and cystatins in patients with recurrent miscarriage.

  title={Role of cathepsins and cystatins in patients with recurrent miscarriage.},
  author={Tamao Nakanishi and Yasuhiko Ozaki and Klas Blomgren and Hisashi Tateyama and Mayumi Sugiura-Ogasawara and Kaoru Suzumori},
  journal={Molecular human reproduction},
  volume={11 5},
In the implantation, trophoblasts penetrate maternal decidua by secreting proteases. It has been reported that cathepsins are highly expressed in the mouse villi, and play an important role in normal embryonal growth and decidualization. In this study, we evaluated cathepsins and their endogenous inhibitors, cystatins, in tissue and serum of patients with recurrent miscarriage. Decidua and villi were surgically collected from 22 patients and 12 healthy women. Immunohistochemistry was performed… CONTINUE READING
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