Role of cAMP in the reactivation of demembranated ram spermatozoa.

  title={Role of cAMP in the reactivation of demembranated ram spermatozoa.},
  author={Jovenal T. San Agustin and George B Witman},
  journal={Cell motility and the cytoskeleton},
  volume={27 3},
Ejaculated ram sperm were demembranated with Triton X-100, separated from the detergent-soluble matrix, and reactivated [San Agustin and Witman (1993): Cell Motil. Cytoskeleton 24:264-273]. The percent motility of models prepared from freshly washed sperm was comparable to that of the washed sample before demembranation, regardless of whether cAMP was included in the reactivation medium. However, demembranated models derived from aging or metabolically inhibited sperm exhibited a lower percent… CONTINUE READING


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