Role of Syndecan-4 in the cellular invasion of Orientia tsutsugamushi.

  title={Role of Syndecan-4 in the cellular invasion of Orientia tsutsugamushi.},
  author={Hang-Rae Kim and Myung-sik Choi and Ik-sang Kim},
  journal={Microbial pathogenesis},
  volume={36 4},
Cell surface heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPGs) play a critical role in the cellular invasion of intracellular bacteria and are presumed to have a role in the infection of host cells by Orientia tsutsugamushi. Previously, we showed that O. tsutsugamushi infection decreased markedly after treating host cells with heparinase, which suggests that HSPGs play an important role in oriential infection. We tested oriential infection in REF-Syn4 cells over-expressing syndecan-4, and in REF-Syn4AS… CONTINUE READING

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