Role of Radiation-induced TGF-beta Signaling in Cancer Therapy.

  title={Role of Radiation-induced TGF-beta Signaling in Cancer Therapy.},
  author={Horatiu C. Dancea and Mohammed Mujtaba Shareef and M. M. Mohamed Ahmed},
  journal={Molecular and cellular pharmacology},
  volume={1 1},
TGF-β signaling regulates several different biological processes involving cell-growth, differentiation, apoptosis, motility, angiogenesis, epithelial mesenchymal transition and extracellular matrix production that affects embryonic development and pathogenesis of various diseases, including cancer, its effects depending on the cellular context and physiological environment. Growth suppression mediated by TGF-β signaling often associated with inhibition of c-myc, cdks and induction of p15, p27… CONTINUE READING


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