Role of Rab5 in insulin receptor-mediated endocytosis and signaling.

  title={Role of Rab5 in insulin receptor-mediated endocytosis and signaling.},
  author={Christine Hunker and Ida Kruk and Jonathan Hall and Hugo Giambini and M. L. Veisaga and M A Barbieri},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={449 1-2},
Activated insulin receptors recruit various intracellular proteins leading to signal generation and endocytic trafficking. Although activated receptors are rapidly internalized into the endocytic compartment and subsequently degraded in lysosomes, the linkage between insulin receptor signaling and endocytosis is not well understood. This study utilizes both overexpression and depletion of Rab5 proteins to show that they play a critical role in both insulin-stimulated fluid phase and receptor… CONTINUE READING

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