Role of PTCH and p53 genes in early-onset basal cell carcinoma.

  title={Role of PTCH and p53 genes in early-onset basal cell carcinoma.},
  author={Hailan Zhang and Xiao Li Ping and Patricia H. Lee and Xiao Lin Wu and Ya Juan Yao and Ming Zhang and David N. Silvers and David Ratner and Ritu B. Malhotra and Monica Peacocke and Hui C. Tsou},
  journal={The American journal of pathology},
  volume={158 2},
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common skin cancer in the Western world. Ultraviolet (UV) exposure, race, age, gender, and decreased DNA repair capacity are known risk factors for the development of BCC. Of these, UVB irradiation from sunlight is the most significant risk factor. The incidence of sporadic BCC increases in individuals older than age 55, with the greatest incidence reported in individuals who are older than 70, and is rare in individuals who are younger than 30. In this… CONTINUE READING

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