Role of PELP1/MNAR signaling in ovarian tumorigenesis.

  title={Role of PELP1/MNAR signaling in ovarian tumorigenesis.},
  author={Chakravarty Dimple and Sujit S. Nair and Rajib Rajhans and Perla R Pitcheswara and Jinsong Liu and Seetharaman Balasenthil and X F Le and Matthew E. Burow and Nelly Auersperg and Rajeshwar Rao Tekmal and Russell R. Broaddus and Ratna K Vadlamudi},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={68 12},
Emerging evidence suggests that nuclear receptor (NR) coregulators have potential to act as master genes and their deregulation can promote oncogenesis. Proline-, glutamic acid-, and leucine-rich protein-1 (PELP1/MNAR) is a novel NR coregulator. Its expression is deregulated in hormone-driven cancers. However, the role of PELP1/MNAR in ovarian cancer progression remains unknown. Analysis of serial analysis of gene expression data suggested deregulation of PELP1/MNAR expression in ovarian tumors… CONTINUE READING