Role of IT in agricultural marketing in India-A case study


Application of IT is associated with markets in the developed countries where capital intensive method of agricultural production is followed. However, in a country like India where rural base is wide, its relevance cannot be overlooked. In addition to facilitating farmers in improving the efficiency and productivity of agriculture and allied activities, the potential of IT lies in bringing about an overall qualitative improvement in life by providing timely and quality information inputs for decision making; IT can also be effectively used to strengthen the supply chain for agro based companies for leading to better price realization by farmers. There are many IT based efforts which are used in this sector and many are underway which demonstrate the concrete benefits of IT for the rural population and the sector as a whole.The present paper is an attempt to discuss various IT based solution used in agriculture sector and evolution of entirely IT based practices of various companies carried at especially in agro-based companies to e-power people who live in rural India and also about the latest developments in IT that facilitate effective IT penetration to rural India, changing pattern of information requirements & role of IT.

DOI: 10.1109/RAIT.2012.6194579

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