Role of IL-17 and Th17 Cells in Liver Diseases

  title={Role of IL-17 and Th17 Cells in Liver Diseases},
  author={Linda Hammerich and Felix Heymann and Frank Tacke},
  booktitle={Clinical & developmental immunology},
Unbalanced Th1/Th2 T-cell responses in the liver are a characteristic of hepatic inflammation and subsequent liver fibrosis. The recently discovered Th17 cells, a subtype of CD4(+) T-helper cells mainly producing IL-17 and IL-22, have initially been linked to host defense against infections and to autoimmunity. Their preferred differentiation upon TGFβ and IL-6, two cytokines abundantly present in injured liver, makes a contribution of Th17 cells to hepatic inflammation very likely. Indeed… CONTINUE READING
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