Role of HIV-1 envelope V3 loop cleavage in cell tropism.

  title={Role of HIV-1 envelope V3 loop cleavage in cell tropism.},
  author={Rui Lin Gu and Peter Westervelt and L. S. Ratner},
  journal={AIDS research and human retroviruses},
  volume={9 10},
The envelope protein is an important determinant of HIV-1 cell-specific tropism. The gp160 envelope precursor proteins from macrophage-tropic or T lymphoid cell line-tropic strains of HIV-1 were expressed in recombinant vaccinia virus-infected cell lines or primary lymphocytes or macrophages. No significant differences in the kinetics of synthesis of gp160, processing into gp120 and gp41 proteins, N-linked glycosylation, or release of gp120 into the medium were noted with the different envelope… CONTINUE READING