Role of Gap Junctions and Hemichannels in Parasitic Infections

  title={Role of Gap Junctions and Hemichannels in Parasitic Infections},
  author={J. Vega and M. Subiabre and F. Figueroa and K. Schalper and Luis Osorio and J. Gonz{\'a}lez and J. S{\'a}ez},
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In vertebrates, connexins (Cxs) and pannexins (Panxs) are proteins that form gap junction channels and/or hemichannels located at cell-cell interfaces and cell surface, respectively. Similar channel types are formed by innexins in invertebrate cells. These channels serve as pathways for cellular communication that coordinate diverse physiologic processes. However, it is known that many acquired and inherited diseases deregulate Cx and/or Panx channels, condition that frequently worsens the… Expand
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