Role of GPR30 in endometrial pathology after tamoxifen for breast cancer.

  title={Role of GPR30 in endometrial pathology after tamoxifen for breast cancer.},
  author={Tanja Ignatov and Holm Eggemann and Andrzej Semczuk and Bobbie J. Smith and Joachim Bischoff and Albert Roessner and Serban Dan Costa and Thomas Kalinski and Atanas Ignatov},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={203 6},
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to evaluate the potential role of G-protein-coupled estrogen receptor in endometrial pathology associated with tamoxifen treatment of breast cancer patients. STUDY DESIGN We investigated whether G-protein-coupled estrogen receptor plays a role in mediating proliferating effect of tamoxifen in endometrial carcinoma cells. These results were compared with the G-protein-coupled estrogen receptor expression pattern in endometrial tissue from a cohort of 95… CONTINUE READING


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