Role of Federal Policy in Building Research Infrastructure Among Emerging Minorities: The Asian American Experience

  title={Role of Federal Policy in Building Research Infrastructure Among Emerging Minorities: The Asian American Experience},
  author={Chau Trinh-Shevrin and Marguerite J. Ro and Winston Tseng and Nadia S. Islam and Mariano Jose Rey and Simona C. Kwon},
  journal={Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action},
  pages={83 - 93}
Problem: Considerable progress in Asian American health research has occurred over the last two decades. However, greater and sustained federal support is needed for reducing health disparities in Asian American communities. Purpose of the Article: This paper reviews federal policies that support infrastructure to conduct minority health research and highlights one model for strengthening research capacity and infrastructure in Asian American communities. Key Points: Research center… 
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Role of Community Institutional Review Boards in Community Health Center-Engaged Research with Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Other Pacific Islanders

Evaluations results and best practices show that AAPCHO’s IRB promotes community leadership and research capacity and ensures community-applicable research plans.

Participatory Design and Research: Pathways to Healthy Communities and Racial Equity

  • G. Christopher
  • Medicine
    Progress in community health partnerships : research, education, and action
  • 2012



Using Community-Based Participatory Research as a Guiding Framework for Health Disparities Research Centers

This paper describes how CSAAH developed partnerships with varied Asian American community stakeholders as a first step in establishing itself as a Project EXPORT center that uses community-based participatory research (CBPR) as its orienting framework.

Book and Media Review: Asian American Communities and Health: Context, Research, Policy, and Action

  • S. Hou
  • Political Science, Education
  • 2010
This commentary provides an in-depth and comprehensive contextual understanding of key issues influencing health in Asian American communities. It is a valuable resource addressing health disparities

The Asian American Hepatitis B Program: Building a Coalition to Address Hepatitis B Health Disparities

The challenges and lessons learned in building the Asian American Hepatitis B Program (AAHBP) coalition to conduct a community-based participatory research (CBPR) initiative to address hepatitis B (HBV) among New York City Asian-American communities are described.

Community-based participatory research: implications for public health funding.

The authors suggest strategies for addressing issues and make a case for increasing support of CBPR as an important tool for action-oriented and community-driven public health research.

The AANCART's Infrastructure: Empirical Evidences of Transdisciplinary Effectiveness

  • Moon S Chen
  • Political Science
    Journal of health care for the poor and underserved
  • 2005
AANCART’s transdisciplinary infrastructure is described to document its effectiveness; principles that may be transferable to other transdisciplinary approaches to health concerns are delineated.

Evaluation of Community–Academic Partnership Functioning: Center for the Elimination of Hepatitis B Health Disparities

The evaluation of B Free CEED, a community–academic partnership created to address hepatitis health disparities in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, shows stability over time, with some consistent differences in community and academic perspectives.

Can public health researchers and agencies reconcile the push from funding bodies and the pull from communities?

Participatory research should not be required of every project, but when results are to be used for, in, and by communities, those communities should collaborate not only in applying findings but also in determining the ways in which the findings are produced and interpreted.

Population characteristics and health care needs of Asian Pacific Americans.

  • Lin Js
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • 1988
Health policy makers, planners, and service providers need to have a better understanding of the population characteristics of Asian Pacific Americans in order to address their needs properly and avoid an imprudent act that increases the mortalities and morbidities and health care costs of the nation.

Review of community-based research: assessing partnership approaches to improve public health.

This review provides a synthesis of key principles of community- based research, examines its place within the context of different scientific paradigms, discusses rationales for its use, and explores major challenges and facilitating factors and their implications for conducting effective community-based research aimed at improving the public's health.

Partnering to Collect Health Services and Public Health Data in Hard-to-Reach Communities: A Community-Based Participatory Research Approach for Collecting Community Health Data

A CBPR approach can make the process of collecting public health and health services data in hard-to-reach communities not only viable, but also highly successful.