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Role of Effective Communications for Enhancing Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills in University Students

  title={Role of Effective Communications for Enhancing Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills in University Students},
  author={Attiya Siddiqi},
In this fast paced environment where the interaction of individuals with other individuals has become very important, we most certainly feel the need for good communication skills. It has been observed that the English language today holds a vital importance for an individual’s success in the academic area. Most of the course books are designed in the English language as it is now considered to be an international language, used all over the world. Effective communication means two way… Expand
A Review of the Influence of Effective Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence of Leaders on Organisational Efficiency
  • Pema Wangchuk
  • Psychology
  • Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies
  • 2021
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