Role of Earthen Materials in Rural Vernacular Architecture: The Case of Anavangot Ancestral Home

  title={Role of Earthen Materials in Rural Vernacular Architecture: The Case of Anavangot Ancestral Home},
  author={Sridevi Changali and Rosie Paul},
  journal={Earthen Dwellings and Structures},
Many scholars have recognised vernacular architecture as an important and relevant area of study, although it has not received the due it deserves. The focus of this paper is a study of the use of mud in vernacular building traditions through a case study of a 113-year-old home in Puthiyankam—a village in Kerala. This structure brought to the forefront the use of mud as a material in various contexts. The study draws focus on two stratigraphic contexts—the wall and roof where mud has been used… 
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