Role of Bacteria as Biocolloids in the Transport of Actinides from a Deep Underground Radioactive Waste Repository

  title={Role of Bacteria as Biocolloids in the Transport of Actinides from a Deep Underground Radioactive Waste Repository},
  author={A. J. Francis and J. Gillow and C. J. Dodge and M. Dunn and K. Mantione and B. Strietelmeier and Μ. E. Pansoy-Hjelvik and H. Papenguth},
  • A. J. Francis, J. Gillow, +5 authors H. Papenguth
  • Published 1998
  • Chemistry
  • We investigated the interaction of dissolved actinides Th, U, Np, Pu, and Am, with a pure and a mixed culture of halophilic bacteria isolated from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant repository under anaerobic conditions to evaluate their potential transport as biocolloids from the waste site. The sizes of the bacterial cells studied ranged from 0.54X0.48 μηι to 7.7 X0.67 μπι (lXw). Using sequential microfiltration, we determined the association of actinides with free-living (mobile) bacterial… CONTINUE READING
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