Role of Austenitization and Pre-Deformation on the Kinetics of the Isothermal Bainitic Transformation

  title={Role of Austenitization and Pre-Deformation on the Kinetics of the Isothermal Bainitic Transformation},
  author={Hans Lambers and S. Tschumak and Hans J{\"u}rgen Maier and D. Canadinc},
  journal={Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A},
The role of time-temperature path on the isothermal austenite-to-bainite phase transformation of low alloy 51 CrV 4 steel was investigated and the corresponding microstructures were analyzed. The important finding is that an incomplete initial austenitization treatment leaves undissolved carbides in the matrix, such that lower carbon and chromium content in the matrix result, eventually accelerating the phase transformation. Furthermore, the residual carbides constitute additional nucleation… 
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