Role of 3D CT in Evaluation of Tibial Plateau Fractures


Objective:Our purpose was to determine the value of 3Dimentional CT in tibial plateau fractures of knee for characterization and to know the amount of displacement of fracture fragments for preoperative evaluation and surgical planning. This article shows the advantage of 3DCT over radiography and conventional C T in evaluation of plateau fractures . Materials And Methods:Thirty patients of knee trauma underwent CT with 3 dimentional CTreconstruction.The type of fractures and displacements are evaluated in all cases. RESULTS:out of thirty patients of knee trauma twenty patients had fractures of tibial plateau and they are classified according to schatzkersclassification and rest showed fractures of other bones around knee. Conclusion:Among knee fractures Tibial plateau fractures are more common. Even though Radiography can detect fractures around 80% of cases it cannot detect subtle fractures( because of patient position in acute trauma) and depression of fracture fragments ,displacement of fragments , intra articular fragments. Which helps in pre operative planning. These can be accurately evaluated by 3 dimentional CT scan. MDCT is a fast and accurate examination and is recommended in patients with complex knee injuries in order to evaluate the fractures adequately.

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