Role and mechanisms of secondary mitochondrial failure.

  title={Role and mechanisms of secondary mitochondrial failure.},
  author={Bo K. Siesj{\"o} and Eskil Elm{\'e}r and Shorena Janelidze and Marcus Keep and Tibor Kristian and Yi Bing Ouyang and Hiroyuki Uchino},
  journal={Acta neurochirurgica. Supplement},
Ischemia is accompanied by mitochondrial dysfunction, as assessed by measurements of mitochondrial respiratory activities in vitro. Following brief periods of ischemia, mitochondrial function is usually normalized during reperfusion. However, particularly after ischemia of longer duration, reperfusion may be accompanied by secondary mitochondrial failure. After short periods of ischemia this is observed in selectively vulnerable areas and, after intermediate to long periods of ischemia, in… CONTINUE READING


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