Role Modeling in Mathematics: The Case of Leonard Eugene Dickson

  title={Role Modeling in Mathematics: The Case of Leonard Eugene Dickson},
  author={Della D. Fenster},
In an automatic dishwasher of the type wherein tablewares are soaked in water and are than washed, there are provided an impeller for producing a whirling stream of water in the washing tub and a timer for performing the programmed operation of washing, rinsing and drying steps. 
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Mina Rees and the Funding of the Mathematical Sciences

A brief account of Rees' life is given, with particular attention being paid to the history of the U.S. government's role in funding research in the mathematical sciences and Rees's role therein, from the start of official involvement of mathematicians in the war effort in 1946 to his retirement from ONR in 1953.

Perspectives on American mathematics

A research-level community of mathematicians developed in the United States in the closing quarter of the nineteenth century. Since that time, American mathematicians have regularly paused to assess


The twentieth century has been not only the century of “Euclid must go!” but also the one in which the axiomatics of the many geometries that the nineteenth century had brought to the fore was

Why Dickson Left Quadratic Reciprocity Out of His History of the Theory of Numbers

In a 1993 letter to the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Irving Kaplansky called attention to an astonishing omission in the history of mathematics [27]. "Everybody knows," Kaplansky



The Bicentennial Tribute to American Mathematics

given, and a glossary at the end of the book gives definitions and refers to places where theorems are proved or stated in the course of solutions. Some examples are the pigeonhole principle, and the

George David Birkhoff and his mathematical work

The writer first saw Birkhoff in the fall of 1914. The graduate students were meeting the professors of mathematics of Harvard in Sever 20. Maxime Bôcher, with his square beard and squarer shoes, was

Women and Mathematics

In any history of mathematics one is hard pressed to find mention of women mathematicians. One wonders if there were any and, if any, why so few? To answer this question, it is perhaps necessary only

On the Construction of Riemann Matrices II

where a and A are square matrices, A has rational elements, and a has complex elements. The set D of all the multiplications of w is a linear associative algebra over the field R of all rational

Algebras and their Arithmetics

  • W. B.
  • Mathematics
  • 1924
THE existence of various systems of algebra, in which the commutative and associative laws of ordinary algebra are not assumed to be valid, has been known to mathematicians since Hamilton expounded

On hypercomplex number systems

1. The usual theory relates to systems of numbers =,a,e, in which the co6rdinates ai range independently over all real nulmbers or else over all ordinary complex numbers; for example, the real

The collected mathematical papers

Preface Bibliography Professional Biography of A(braham) Adrian Albert Ph.D. students of A. Adrian Albert A. A. Albert by Daniel Zelinsky Abraham Adrian Albert, 1905-1972 by Nathan Jacobson Abraham

On the theory of associative division algebras

1. Relation to the literature. There is a famous theorem to the effect that the only linear associative algebras over the field of all real numbers in which division is uniquely possible are the