Roger Bacon and the Voynich MS

  title={Roger Bacon and the Voynich MS},
  author={John Matthews Manly},
  pages={345 - 391}
BY JOHN MATTHEWS MANLY I T is now more than fifteen years since the late Wilfred M. Voynich brought o America mysterious manuscript which he had found hidden in the treasure chest of a south European castle. With characteristic generosity, he not only showed it to many American scholars, as he had shown it to those of Europe, but also gave photostats of many pages to those who professed a serious intention to undertake the solution of its mysteries. That the manuscript is in the highest degree… 
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Vires velut multiplicant res materiales
    Iste currat in angulos ac in sulco, ecce, ova aspicit
      Ista est stella occasa fixo ex situ astri. Fessa obstupescit hic (P1. xiv)
        Censor Cato Fulvium nunc excellit
          Asiam homines explorant qui in periculo viguerint