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Roe v. Crawford: Do Inmates Have an Eighth Amendment Right to Elective Abortions?

  title={Roe v. Crawford: Do Inmates Have an Eighth Amendment Right to Elective Abortions?},
  author={Mark Egerman},
This note examines the legal questions surrounding incarcerated women who wish to receive an abortion. The note examines the 8th Circuit's ruling in Roe v. Crawford and explores the two legal arguments presented in that case. While the court ultimately found the Fourteenth Amendment argument valid and rejected the Eighth Amendment, the author argues that grounding inmate abortion rights in the Eighth Amendment is ultimately a more sustainable solution for reproductive justice advocates. The… 
Legal Issues Regarding Medical Care for Pregnant Inmates
It is concluded that although correctional health care systems have made strides in bringing appropriate medical care to pregnant prisoners, more remains to be done to raise the quality of care to those similarly situated in the free-world.
Abstract In this essay, I call for an “unshackling” of intersectionality from the narrow and restrictive ways in which legal scholars and activists interpret and mobilize the theory and critique the
Issues in Female Inmate Health: Results From a Southeastern State
The results indicate that many women enter prison with health issues, including hypertension, HIV/AIDS, depression, anxiety, and drug addictions, and use health services while incarcerated, and do not perceive that their health improved while incarcerated or that they received better health care in prison than on the outside.


Sex Equality Arguments for Reproductive Rights: Their Critical Basis and Evolving Constitutional Expression
What is at stake in a sex equality approach to reproductive rights? At first glance, equality arguments would seem to entail a shift in constitutional authority for reproductive rights - for example,
Preventing inmates from terminating unwanted pregnancies may prohibit them from ever receiving the operation Elective procedures can be considered to represent a “serious medical need
  • Roe v. Crawford,
  • 2008