Rodent-borne diseases and their risks for public health

  title={Rodent-borne diseases and their risks for public health},
  author={Bastiaan G Meerburg and Grant R Singleton and A. Kijlstra},
  journal={Critical Reviews in Microbiology},
  pages={221 - 270}
  • Bastiaan G Meerburg, Grant R Singleton, A. Kijlstra
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Critical Reviews in Microbiology
  • Rodents are the most abundant and diversified order of living mammals in the world. Already since the Middle Ages we know that they can contribute to human disease, as black rats were associated with distribution of plague. However, also in modern times rodents form a threat for public health. In this review article a large number of pathogens that are directly or indirectly transmitted by rodents are described. Moreover, a simplified rodent disease model is discussed. 

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    The ecology of tick-borne diseases.
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    Detection of Zoonotic Pathogens and Characterization of Novel Viruses Carried by Commensal Rattus norvegicus in New York City
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    Transmission ecology of rodent-borne diseases: New frontiers.
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    The Fecal Viral Flora of Wild Rodents
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    Revisiting the taxonomy of the Rattini tribe: a phylogeny-based delimitation of species boundaries
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    Antiviral Immune Responses of Bats: A Review
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    Global parasite and Rattus rodent invasions: The consequences for rodent-borne diseases.
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