Rocuronium vs. succinylcholine in the emergency department: a critical appraisal.

  title={Rocuronium vs. succinylcholine in the emergency department: a critical appraisal.},
  author={William K. Mallon and Samuel Mark Keim and Jan Marie Shoenberger and Ron M. Walls},
  journal={The Journal of emergency medicine},
  volume={37 2},
BACKGROUND Two methods of paralysis are available for rapid sequence intubation (RSI) in the emergency department (ED): depolarizing agents such as succinylcholine, and non-depolarizing drugs such as rocuronium. Rocuronium is a useful alternative when succinylcholine is contraindicated. Contraindications to succinylcholine include allergy, history of malignant hyperthermia, denervation syndromes, and patients who are 24-48 h post burn or crush injury. Non-depolarizing drugs have the advantage… CONTINUE READING
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