Rock burst mechanism analysis in an advanced segment of gob-side entry under different dip angles of the seam and prevention technology

  title={Rock burst mechanism analysis in an advanced segment of gob-side entry under different dip angles of the seam and prevention technology},
  author={Zengqiang Yang and Chang Liu and Shichuan Tang and Lin-ming Dou and Jinglong Cao},
  journal={International Journal of Mining Science and Technology},
Abstract In order to investigate the frequent occurrences of rock burst in gob-side entry during the mining process of the mining zone No. 7, the mechanical model of main roof of fully-mechanized caving mining before breaking was established by the Winkler foundation beam theory, and the stress evolution law of surrounding rock with different dip angles of the seam during the mining process was analyzed by using FLAC3D. The results show that: with the dip angle changing from 45° to 0°, the… Expand
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