Roche offers researchers access to all Tamiflu trials

  title={Roche offers researchers access to all Tamiflu trials},
  author={Deborah Cohen},
  journal={BMJ : British Medical Journal},
  • D. Cohen
  • Published 4 April 2013
  • Medicine
  • BMJ : British Medical Journal
More than three years after the Cochrane Collaboration first asked Roche for the full clinical study reports for its influenza drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu), the Swiss company has offered the collaboration access to “all 74 Roche sponsored trials.” Don MacLean, life cycle leader for Tamiflu at Roche, emailed the Cochrane researchers on 2 April to propose providing data in a staggered approach over the next few months. “In line with European Union law, each CSR [clinical study report] will be… 
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