Robustness of nonlinear control systems with respect to unmodeled dynamics

  title={Robustness of nonlinear control systems with respect to unmodeled dynamics},
  author={Youping Zhang and Petros A. Ioannou},
  journal={Proceedings of 35th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control},
  pages={315-320 vol.1}
We examine the global stability properties of nonlinear controllers in the presence of high frequency unmodeled dynamics. We develop necessary and sufficient conditions for a general class of nonlinear control laws, under which global signal boundedess or asymptotic stability is guaranteed. We show that a wide class of nonlinear control laws does not satisfy these conditions and therefore does not guarantee global stability in the presence of high frequency unmodeled dynamics. 

Robust Global Stabilization for Nonlinear Systems with Unmodeled Dynamics by Output Feedback

  • A. WuG. Duan
  • Mathematics
    2007 IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation
  • 2007
Robust global stabilization of a class of cascaded systems with input unmodeled dynamics is considered by output feedback. The admissible unmodeled dynamics is assumed to be relative degree zero and

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A robust adaptive output feedback controller is proposed for a class of nonlinear systems represented by input–output models. In the design of the adaptive controller, a signal is used to

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A new linear adaptive controller: robustness

  • Youping Zhang
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the 2000 American Control Conference. ACC (IEEE Cat. No.00CH36334)
  • 2000
It is shown the "linearity" of the controller guaranteed its robustness without additional modification other than parameter projection, and was shown to be comparable with that of the tuning functions adaptive backstepping controller.

Unmodeled Dynamics in Robust Nonlinear Control

Unmodeled Dynamics in Robust Nonlinear Control by Murat Arcak Since it is common to employ reduced models for control design, robustness to unmodeled dynamics is a crucial design criterion. Recent

Further results on robust semiglobal stabilization with dynamic input uncertainties

  • L. PralyZhong-Ping Jiang
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the 37th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Cat. No.98CH36171)
  • 1998
This paper presents a dynamic state feedback approach to the semiglobal stabilization of nonlinear systems with minimum-phase dynamic input uncertainties. The assumption needed to get this new result

Robust adaptive control of nonlinear output feedback systems under disturbances with unknown bounds

This paper describes a systematic procedure to design robust adaptive controllers for a class of nonlinear systems with unknown functions of unknown bounds based on backstepping and sliding mode

Adaptive control of a class of slowly time varying systems with modeling uncertainties

The same idea is used to develop a new linear adaptive controller for slowly time varying systems with modeling uncertainties, which guarantees robustness with respect to modeling errors via normalizing damping, parameter projection, and static normalization.



Control of feedback linearizable systems with input unmodeled dynamics

A dynamic feedback design is proposed which guarantees global boundedness in the presence of input unmodeled dynamics at the input and applies to feedback linearizable systems, for which global asymptotic stability is also achieved.

Robust control of strict- and output-feedback systems with input unmodeled dynamics

Applies dynamic nonlinear damping to two classes of nonlinear systems: the strict-feedback systems where unmodeled dynamics affect all the "virtual inputs," and the output-feedback systems where the

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We develop a new recursive procedure for the design of adaptive controllers for non-linear systems with unknown parameters and unmeasured states. The use of novel nonlinear damping terms endows the

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Robust Adaptive Control

It is shown that if the persistent excitation of the reference input is larger than the perturbation in some sense, the solutions will be globally bounded.

Robustification tools for nonlinear control design

  • I. Kanellakopoulos
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of 1994 33rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
  • 1994
We demonstrate the usefulness of the so-called /spl kappa/-terms as a robustification tool for nonlinear control. The inclusion of these terms in the design procedure renders the disturbance-to-state

Systematic Design of Adaptive Controllers for Feedback Linearizable Systems

A systematic procedure is developed for the design of new adaptive regulation and trackdng schemes for a class of feedback linearizable nonlinear systems. The coordinate-free geometric conditions,